Petaluma Hole

The Petaluma Gap is a geographical location in Sonoma County, California which extends in a band from the Pacific Ocean to San Pablo Bay. It is an region of small land 22 to 31 miles (35 to 50 kilometers) large in the coastline ranges of the northern San Francisco Bay Place. The western edge of the gap is situated in the coastal lowlands amongst Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay. The eastern edge of the gap is situated at San Pablo Bay around the mouth of the Petaluma River. The town of Petaluma is near the centre of the gap.

The Petaluma Hole influences wind patterns (and so microclimates and air high quality) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contemporary marine air generally blows eastward via the hole, branching into southward and northward streams which blow toward the Carquinez Strait and Santa Rosa respectively. If you want to see more info in regards to have a look at our internet site.
The southward stream delivers marine air overland into the central Bay Area from the northwest. Heat air rises from the land and will allow cold, moist air, furthermore winds and fog to transfer into the space.[one]

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